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SARNIA has joined other Canadian Communities in reducing their vehicle idling

Compare Sarnia's efforts to other Canadian Cities.

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Trees of Distinction Bicycle Tour (Article that appeared in the Environmental supplement - The Observer)

Would you like to do something good for your health and the environment this Earth Day? Why not take your friends and family for a bicycle tour...

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Kindergarten Class Delivers a Message to Idling Adults

The senior kindergarten class at Gledhill Public School in Toronto put their creative talents to work to deliver a serious message to drivers outside their school: "No idling ... it makes kids sick."

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"Although we have all grown to accept the smell of engine exhaust as part of our everyday life, our nation is experiencing an epidemic of illnesses made worse by air pollution."...

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Overhead - Effects of Vehicle Emissions (click image to read article)

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Idle Free Poster Kits

 Idling Poster Kit Assembly

The Idle Free poster kits are assembled and are being distributed within the community. Click on the image to see how they turned out.


Wondering about the affect that Idling has on your car? Listen to what a Canadian Technician and Car Dealership have to say about IDLING MYTHS.

Watch these videos below or click on this link to see more IDLE-FREE videos on YouTube.

Bike Month 2012
Click here to view the latest Bike Month Brochure.
2012 Sarnia-Lambton Bike Summit
Bike Summit being held on June 5th – click here for more details.
Being a Smarter Driver pays off
Click here to read an article (blog) from the head of the Pembina Institute on reducing the amount of gas we use in our cars everyday.
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