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National Sweater Day - February 7th, 2013

Have you registered for your National Sweater Day reminder call yet?

Every winter, Grannies across Canada give their grandchildren warm, beautiful sweaters. This season, I have decided to get together with my fellow grannies, grandmas, nonnas, and bubbies to remind you to turn down the heat and put on that lovely sweater your Granny made for you. You know which one I’m talking about.

CRT Environment Committee involved in Art Walk and Bike Month

The CRT Environment Committee was involved in Art Walk and Bike Month. Thank you to Mary Jean for her hard work updating the Trees of Distinction Bike Tour brochure and leading the tour.

We also had an unmanned display at Art Walk. Check out the photo of our display. 

Idle-Free Poster Contest for High School Students

A poster contest for our Idling campaign generated some great entries.

Please click here to see the results.

These posters will be used in upcoming awareness campaigns.

Click here to view the Idling Report.

Environmental Action Plan from 2008
Click here to view the Environmental Action Plan from 2008. The CRT Environmental Committee has been working through many aspects of this plan since it came out.
A Future Use of City Parks – Community Gardens

The City of Sarnia recently hosted a series of meeting on the future use of Community Parks.

At the first meeting, the Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee suggested the City create more community gardens.

Click here to read more.

Being Green at Festivals and Events (Article that appeared in the Environmental supplement - The Observer)

With the summer festival season right around the corner, give some thought to how you can be more environmentally conscious at these special events.

click here to read more

Bike Month (Article that appeared in the Environmental supplement - The Observer)

The "Sarnia-Lambton Cycling" Summit is being organized as a kick-off to the "Sarnia-Lambton Bike Month. It will be held on Wednesday June 1, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

click here to read more

Aiming for Greener Schools (Article by Tyler Kula, The Observer)

Local public schools have taken a step toward catching up to their provincial counterparts in environmental education.

Students from 11 of the Lambton Kent District School Board's 13 high schools attended a forum Friday at the Lambton Inn,...

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County of Lambton - Anti-Idling Policy #218

Motor vehicle and equipment emissions are the single largest source of smog-causing pollutants in Ontario. These emissions can be harmful to human health...

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City of Sarnia Idle Free Policy

The City of Sarnia will discourage the unnecessary idling of City of Sarnia vehicles and equipment to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide...

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City of Sarnia Anti Idling Initiative

Supporting the Community Round Table's anti-idling messages, the City of Sarnia has undertaken to address the issues on air pollution in the community.

With guidance from the Community Round Table and its Environment Committee, Sarnia City Council has taken a leadership role in tackling this environmental issue.

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National Sweater Day

National Sweater Day is fast approaching - Feb 9th. Click here for more info. 
2012 Urban Agriculture Summit

An urban gardening summit is going to be held in Toronto

click here for more info.


Volunteers are needed for green spaces.

To learn more click here.

Bike Month 2012
Click here to view the latest Bike Month Brochure.
2012 Sarnia-Lambton Bike Summit
Bike Summit being held on June 5th – click here for more details.
Bees Please
Please click here to watch an interesting video about someone who created a bee habitat in the city.4040
 Report on engaging other ethnic groups in environmental issues

Sustainable Gift Ideas
 Click Here for gift Ideas

Ontario Government Retreats on Climate Change

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